The 10DLC Registration Deadline is Approaching

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SMS marketers who do not complete the 10DLC registration process may experience their messages being blocking by carriers starting August 15, 2023.

What is 10DLC?

10DLC is an abbreviation for 10-digit long phone number. All standard phone numbers fall under the category of 10DLC numbers. There is one exception: toll-free numbers, which are exempt from the 10DLC regulations.

In the past, corporate text messages were sent using long codes (10DLC numbers) or short codes (abbreviated numbers typically consisting of four, five, or six digits, frequently used for automated mass messaging). Due to the significantly higher costs associated with short codes compared to long codes, companies often resorted to sharing short codes to cut expenses. Unfortunately, this practice resulted in problems that gradually eroded the text messaging platform. Both legitimate senders and spammers ended up using the same codes, which lead to confusion, complaints, and even legal actions.

In response, carriers prohibited the sharing of short codes, taking a preliminary measure toward establishing 10DLC as the prevailing standard for commercial messages.

10DLC Registration Explained

In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) push to counter unlawful SMS practices, mobile carriers introduced 10DLC regulations to curtail SMS spam. Their aim is for consumers to receive messages they genuinely desire. The overarching objective behind these 10DLC regulations is to preserve texting as a trustworthy and efficient medium for business communications.

The most important 10DLC regulations marketers should know include:

  1. Your company is required to complete registration with The Campaign Registry.
  2. You must prove that your contacts have willingly opted-in to receive messages from your company.

The Campaign Registry Explained

The Campaign Registry functions as a central hub connecting mobile carriers and businesses who send messages through their networks. Any company sending 10DLC messages is required to register with the Campaign Registry. This enhances transparency for both message senders and the content they are sending.

The Campaign Registry validates the authenticity of companies intending to send commercial messages and ensures compliance when reaching out to consumers.

During the registration process, you must submit your Tax ID (EIN), legal company name, and other business details as well as information about your SMS campaigns. It’s important to note that not all campaigns are approved for registration. Businesses within specific sectors such as cannabis/hemp, firearms, payday loans, and explicit content are expected to get rejected.



Deadline for 10DLC Registration

The deadline to complete your company’s registration for 10DLC is August 31, 2023. Companies that miss this deadline should anticipate a substantial reduction in their message volume, and possibly their messages might be blocked.

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