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Signalmash ISV “White Glove” Program

As we engage with the software development community, we continue to get the same feedback. CPaaS customers are concerned that their providers are competing directly with their business (e.g. Twilio Flex), support is getting worse daily while costs continue to creep up. We also hear a lot from developers that dealing with CPaaS providers is not a reciprocal relationship and doesn’t benefit those devs who are passionate about the service and refer their customers to them. 

We here at Signalmash recognize that you want to keep costs down, get great support and don’t want to be competed against. We also acknowledge that your network is extremely valuable.

That’s why we have built a program that rewards you for using and introducing business to Signalmash. Continue reading on to learn how it works and what is in it for you.

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Simplify your communications

How it works

Create an account

Create an account with Signalmash and sign up for one of our plans. We offer a pay-as-you-go “Launch” plan to accommodate developers who are just getting started and other cost-effective plans for bigger projects.

Use our CPaaS platform

Once you have an account, you can start using our CPaaS platform, which enables you to incorporate SMS, MMS and programmatic voice into your existing app. You can also buy U.S. numbers through our platform.

Get individualized support

When you join our ISV program, we set up a Slack Channel for your dev team and ours to make collaboration possible. No more endless emails going back and forth to people unqualified to answer your questions.

Receive a commission

Get a 10% commission on all billable charges: Your customers receive a 5% discount by being part of your network and you receive a 5% commission as a reward for your support and business. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Scale your business

With Signalmash, it is easy to grow and scale. We will be with you every step of the way as you create communications experiences your customers love. Get in touch with an Expert Masher today to talk about how you can scale to the moon.

Build apps for a better tomorrow

Signalmash is committed to staying in its lane, higher up the software stack, and does not compete directly with customers. This makes Signalmash an ideal partner to collaborate with and share ideas so together we can build applications of tomorrow.  

Why Signalmash?

We help you add robust voice and messaging to your apps.

We built a communications platform that’s powered by telecom experts for developers who don’t want all the “fluff.”

With a few lines of code, your existing app can send and receive calls, and send and receive messages. You can also buy phone numbers.

Connect to our CPaaS platform and give your customers individualized attention, speedy replies and special treatment.

Whether your company is just getting started, scaling, or is a large enterprise, we have a plan to fit your needs. 

Signalmash features

Compliance and security matter

Signalmash brings you secure solutions.

We understand the importance of being compliant and having your data sent & stored securely on the cloud. 

That’s why we built our platform in Google Cloud for the best network redundancy and security.

Contact an Expert Masher to learn more.

ISV Program