Voice API

Make, receive and manage calls from your existing application or platform.


Send and receive texts such as one-time passwords, delivery confirmations and notifications.

Video Meetings

Host top quality video meetings and conferences with up to 500 participants.

Personalized journey

Communications tool kit to enhance customer engagement

Personalize each customer's journey from the first encounter until they feel like family. Show them you care by keeping them informed every step of the way.

Customers expect speedy replies, individualized attention and special treatment. Taking care of them can get stressful if you don’t have the resources nor time. That’s where we fit in. When you connect your already existing platform to our API, you can communicate with your customers easily. You don’t need a complicated system to strengthen your customer relationships and reduce the stress of scaling your business. Not when you have Signalmash. We are with you every step of the way, helping you build and implement stellar communications apps.


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Road map

We help you build functionality into your existing platforms

Signalmash is a communication platform offering an API and SDK for SMS / MMS, Programmable Voice, and SIP Trunking. We enable you to rapidly incorporate text messaging and voice into your existing applications. This is done behind the scenes so your customers get what they expect with effortless omni-channel experiences.


You have a need for better digital solutions

You identify your need to incorporate a more effective digital communications strategy into your business model.

You decide how you want to connect

You specify the ways you want to connect with your customers. And then you start using our API to build solid communications into your existing platform.

You strengthen customer relationships

Once all the tech is in place, you can focus on strengthening your customer experiences and offering them with more of what they want.

Your business grows & scales

When you have solid systems in place and your customers are happy, you can grow easily and rapidly. We are here to provide you with a comprehensive road map so you can scale your business.

supporting excellence

Our trusted platform gives you the solutions you need

Just getting started or know how to code, our communications platform is easy to use
and links your technology to the next level.

SMS to email

block spam calls

instant lead alerts

Secure payments

Browser Voice Calls

Integrated Video



Let's get creative with voice & SMS