Build Voice & Messaging into Your App

Incorporate communications features into your app

Hey Devs,

If you want your app to send and receive messages and make and receive phone calls, call us at +1 866.217.9750 or go to my.signalmash.com/dev.

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Signalmash is a platform that powers omni-channel communications. We fuel innovation by fusing programmatic voice, messaging and elastic SIP trunking into one platform, resulting in robust and streamlined applications.

With a couple lines of code, you can engage your customers simply and effectively through your own app. If you need 2FA, SMS, programmatic voice, delivery notifications or PSTN connectivity, contact us.

If you are using Twilio or another CPaaS provider, ask one of our Mashers how you can save up to 50% off on your monthly bill. We have a great team and would love to connect. Reach out today.


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