What Are DID Phone Numbers and How Do You Purchase Them?

Everything you need to know about Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

We’ve all been there: tried to contact a company only to be hurdled through a long series of prompts or human receptionists. It can be frustrating to go through this process repeatedly before speaking to someone within a company who has the necessary know-how to address your concerns.

For businesses, this is a big problem. With 80% of enterprise communications happening via the telephone, those missed calls from potential customers hurt sales. Forward-looking businesses now have a solution: Direct Inward Dialing (DID).

What Is Direct Inward Dialing?

Think of Direct Inward Dialing, or DID, as a phone number with a direct connection to a specific extension within a company. This phone number allows customers to get in touch with the person they need to speak to without going through any prompts or waiting on hold. This is an excellent solution for businesses with a high volume of calls, as it eliminates the risk of busy signals and unanswered calls.




What Is a DID Phone Number?

A DID phone number is a regular phone number set up within a Direct Inward Dialing system. This type of phone number can be used just like any other phone number, and it provides customers with a direct connection to the extension they need.

How Does DID Work?

DID works by assigning a unique phone number to each extension within a company. When customers call the DID number, they are automatically connected to the corresponding extension. DID works through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines.

Direct dialing (DID) on PSTN

With a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), direct inward dialing (DID) is the calling of a specific telephone extension on a private branch exchange (PBX) system by dialing a direct phone number. The called party’s PBX will route the call to the called extension without requiring an attendant to answer and route the call.

Traditional phone services use Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuits, which necessitate businesses to lease many trunk lines from their communications or telecom provider. This was often expensive, as you might have guessed.

Direct dialing (DID) on VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now the norm for most enterprises. VoIP phone systems allow organizations to conduct and receive calls over the Internet without needing physical phone lines or equipment on-site.

Businesses can set up direct-dial numbers with Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP trunking, using VoIP technology. “Trunk” line connections are virtual connections that may be established when an organization requires them via SIP trunking.

With VoIP, direct inward dialing (DID) is a service that allows for calls to be directly routed to specific extensions without the need for an operator or attendant. This type of service is typically used with PBX systems.

How are DID numbers used with PBX systems?

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone switching system within a company that connects calls to the appropriate extension. A DID number is assigned to each extension on a PBX system, which allows for calls to be directly routed to the desired extension. PBX systems are often used in businesses with a high volume of calls, as they provide a way to manage and route calls efficiently.

Benefits of Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

There are many benefits of using Direct Inward Dialing for your business, including:

Increased efficiency

Calls are routed directly to the extension they need without going through any prompts or waiting on hold. This increases the efficiency of your customer service and eliminates the risk of missed calls.


Direct inward dialing solutions allow companies to have nearly limitless unique phone numbers for various departments and workers without requiring additional equipment. Anyone may start small and expand the network as their business grows. DID numbers can be added or removed as needed, so you can quickly scale your phone system to meet the needs of your business.

International expansion

DID makes it easy for companies of all sizes to expand across borders, as they may obtain international DID numbers without needing a physical presence in those nations. One can have worldwide DID numbers from almost every country without investing in infrastructure development.

Call tracking for individual employees or different departments

It’s simple to obtain distinct DID numbers for each department or staff member. This allows you to measure your company’s productivity and return on investment on marketing expenditures. Use real-time access to call detail records and analytics to streamline various parts of your operation.

Cost savings

DID can help your company save money by eliminating the need for many trunk lines. Companies may simply connect business phones in remote sites using their direct dial numbers, reducing the need to install and maintain traditional PBXs. Calls are also made over the Internet, so enterprises save a lot on long-distance calls. What’s more, by eliminating the need for human receptionists, Direct Inward Dialing saves your business money.

How Do You Purchase DIDs?

You can purchase DID numbers from a variety of providers. The price varies depending on the features and capacity that you need. It is important to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase, as prices range. Some companies sell a DID number for as much as $10. Not doing the research before purchasing a DID number may cost your business added expenses.




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