Practical Ways CPaaS Technology Can Improve Your Business

CPaaS Technology Improves Your Business

Legacy systems are reaching their end of life, and businesses need new ways to take tech stack to the next level. Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology improves your business by offering an affordable, flexible option for companies looking at adopting cloud-based communications benefits into any existing integrated application.

Typically less expensive than on-premises solutions, CPaaS is often used to add call and messaging capabilities to business applications. Some CPaaS providers like Signalmash offer pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with usage, a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to upgrade their tech stack.

If your business is not already investing in CPaaS, don’t be left behind! IDC predicts that companies will spend $10.9 billion on CPaaS by 2022. As omnichannel messaging becomes the cornerstone for brands and marketers to deliver improved customer experiences, CPaaS is the crucial differentiator for forward-looking businesses.




Leveraging CPaaS to Improve Your Business

Link existing software or applications to real-time communications capabilities with a couple lines of code. Communications functionality is an increasingly critical part of businesses in a customer-centric world. Following are ten practical ways CPaaS technology can improve your business.

Improved customer engagement

CPaaS offers the ability to engage customers in real-time, using their preferred communications channels. This is achieved by integrating CPaaS into your existing software, customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. For example, with SMS functionality, your customer service representative can proactively reach out to a customer by text when an issue is detected, rather than wait for the customer to contact support.

Enhanced team collaboration

Incorporating CPaaS functionality into your existing software allows your employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively, in real-time, using voice and SMS. You can add SMS to your existing CRM or ERP, for example. This allows your employees to communicate without leaving their native application.

Improved customer service

You can add voice and chat capabilities to your existing business applications, which can be used to improve customer service. For example, a customer service representative can message customers to check-in with them about their order, the service they just received or to inform them of a special deal going on right now. 

Reduced operational costs

Using a CPaaS, you reduce the need for costly on-premise communications infrastructure. In other words, you don’t need to build out a complicated communications infrastructure to be able to message and call from your existing app. With a couple simple lines of code, you can call and message from your app.

DIDs or virtual phone numbers for a local presence

You can can buy local or toll-free DIDs (virtual phone numbers). This allows your company to have a local presence in multiple countries without the need for expensive on-premise PBX systems.

CPaaS for streamlined omnichannel communications

Omnichannel communications allow businesses to communicate with customers through multiple channels, such as voice, chat, email, and social media. By integrating CPaaS functionality, your company can streamline communications, providing a consistent experience to customers, regardless of the channel they are using.

Security and compliance

CPaaS providers offer a variety of security and compliance features, such as encryption and fraud detection. This helps businesses ensure that their communications are secure and compliant with regulations.




CPaaS in Action

Here are practical examples of CPaaS in action for different departments in a company:

Your marketing team

Your marketing team can:

  • Build integrated campaigns: Develop omnichannel campaigns that take customers on a “journey” regardless of their stage in the buying process. You can use a phone call or a text message to follow up on your email campaign or send a message to the customer with an online discount code.
  • Automate surveys: Automated surveys effectively get client feedback about their interactions with your brand and its products and services. You can automate your surveys and send them to customers after they contact your business, complete a purchase, or visit your store. In addition, you can take follow-up actions like sending text message with a discount code or calling the customer with a discount offer as you thank them for their continued loyalty.

Your customer service team

Your customer service team can:

  • Offer proactive customer service: When a customer has an issue, you can message them to resolve the issue. This proactive approach can save your team time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Automate customer service processes: You can leverage CPaaS functionality within your application to automate customer service processes like account registration, password reset, or order confirmation. This can save your team time and improve customer satisfaction.

Your IT team

Your IT team can:

  • Integrate legacy systems: A CPaaS provider can help you integrate legacy systems with new applications, saving your team time and improving performance.

Your HR team

Your HR team can:

  • Onboard new employees: You can use messaging and programmatic voice in the on-boarding process of new employees by sending automated messages and tasks.
  • Send notifications to employees: The HR team can send notifications to employees about company news, events, or policy changes. You can notify them about adverse weather, routine maintenance, etc.

Your finance team

Your finance team can:

  • Implement two-factor authentication: You can implement two-factor authentication into your application and send a code to the customer to verify their identity.
  • Send reminders for payments: You can send reminders for payments through messaging, email, or voice to customers who opt-in to receive such reminders. This has the potential to improve customer satisfaction. 

Signalmash CPaaS Solutions

In a world where you need to be on your toes regarding customer messages, Signalmash makes it easy. Our CPaaS solutions are designed to improve customer engagement, team collaboration, and application performance.

We provide an API that simplifies your workflow and removes complexities involved in being interconnected with cellular networks so your business can focus on what matters: communicating effectively! The text and voice capabilities of our platform can be tailored to your company’s needs. Our CPaaS solutions are scalable and easy to integrate into your business infrastructure.

Reach out to us today and learn how you can leverage our CPaaS solutions to improve your business.

And, if you are already using a CPaaS and want to save money, ask us how you can cut your Twilio or CPaaS bill up to 50%!! Send a message to us today to learn how CPaaS technology can help you.




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