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voice api

Imagine your app making, receiving & managing calls

With a few lines of code, you can enable voice calling into your mobile and browser application or workflow. Our voice API connects the public switched telephone network (PSTN) with applications on the internet so you can make, receive and manage calls. By using our voice API, you can program voice calling into your applications without special hardware or knowledge, and this allows you to deliver better customer experiences.

Build powerful voice solutions

Voice alerts

Notify your customers the way they want - via password resets, bill reminders & fraud alerts.

Embedded calling

Build customizable WebRTC voice applications through Voice SDK.

Masked calling

Protect your customers' data with Voice API's phone number proxies.

Call tracking

Measure your project's return on investment and route calls accordingly.


Speak dynamic text and have it translated in real-time within your app.

Interactive voice response

Enhance customer experiences with an IVR system that intelligently routes your call flows.

integrated voice calling

phones, mobile apps & sip devices

Connect calls to any type of device including phones, mobile apps, SIP devices or any browser. With our Voice API, you can build voice call workflows and connect seamlessly to customers. Already using a CPaaS provider like Twilio for core telephony features? You can save money with Signalmash. Ask about our special pricing. We'll hook you up.

Voice API