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Our favs

At Signalmash, we all love getting out in nature. Below you’ll find some of our favorite trails throughout the world. 

redwood national park

Tall Trees Grove Trail

Redwood National Park, CA

A truly majestic trail that leads to a grove of the tallest redwood trees. It is necessary to apply for a permit before arriving, as you will be given a code to the locked gate. It’s a truly majestic trail that is quiet and full of beauty.

Mexiquillo, Durango, Mexico


Durango, Mexico

Waterfalls, tunnels, zip-line, garden of stones – there are so many beautiful things to see in Mexiquillo! Rent a horse or motorcycle to explore less known destinations that are well worth the trip. 

Eiger Trail

The Eiger Trail


This is not a challenging hike but the trail goes along the foot of one of Europe’s most renowned mountains in the Bernese Alps – the Eiger. To start this hike, take a train up to Kleine Scheidegg. And then you simply hike down!

The Laugavegur Trek Iceland

The Laugavegur Trek


This awesome trail goes through black lava fields, hot springs, colorful rhyolite mountains, black deserts and moss-painted oases. It is beautiful yet notoriously difficult. And super rewarding!

Milford Track

Milford Track

New Zealand

If you love the forest, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, this hike will captivate you. It is expensive and requires boat transport to the trailhead on Lake Te Anau, as well as from the end of the track on the iconic Milford Sound.
Otter Trail

Otter Trail

South Africa

Known as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world, the Otter Trail has breathtaking scenery along the coast; passing white-sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, indigenous forest and waterfalls. 

Yuyawyaw Waterfall

Palawan Island

The Philippines

This trail goes to three waterfalls that are surrounded by a dense tropical forest. The waters are clear and the pools below are a perfect place to swim and relax.
Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

Velhe, India

On an isolated cliff of the Sahyadri Mountains, Sinhagad Fort has some of the most beautiful landscapes all around. It is believed to be built 2000 years ago and has a lot of history behind it, especially in terms of battles.

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