Mashly CCaaS solutions

CCaaS Cloud-based Solutions

Empower your Reps to do more with less

We streamline every customer communication into a single platform. By consolidating outbound and inbound phone calls, emails, chat bots, support tickets and text messages into a single platform, you can focus on delivering value to each customer every step of the way.

What you get

With our compliant omni-channel communications platform, you pay for only the features you need and get an ongoing commission of 10%. Below are some of the most popular features of our platform. It integrates with Fed DNC, State DNC, RND, Jornaya, Trusted Form and Number Verifier. 

Call Queuing

Ensure that every inbound call gets answered and that callers have an idea about the wait time before speaking to a live agent.

SMS Messages

Automate how messages are received and replied to with our two-way business texting for contact centers and mobile customers.

Predictive Dialing

Let our platform make dialing decisions based on your business objectives. Answered calls are then passed to your agents.

Automated Attendant

Route inbound calls to the right agent or department with menus and submenus. This is similar to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) but requires input from the user.

CRM & Scheduling

Integrate with your CRM and boost workforce optimization with tighter scheduling and quality call management.

Reporting Analytics

Real-time usage reports, interaction logs, reporting templates, custom KPIs, performance analytics and text and speech analytics.

Unlimited Outbound

Respond to an unlimited number of concurrent outbound calls and maximize your agent's efficiency.

Unlimited Local Inbound

Lower operating costs by avoiding to pay for fees of local inbound calls.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks by automating your workflow and customer support processes.

Elevate Customer and Agent Experiences

Adopt our platform to meet your customers needs – not the other way around. Get in touch with us to help you achieve continued success in an ever-evolving world of communications.

transform your business

tailor customer experiences

Address the specific needs of your customers by giving them ways to communicate via their preferred methods. Whether through voice, text, email, chat or social media, go way beyond just providing good customer support to truly understanding customers more deeply: who they are, what they want, and how you can better support them with every interaction.