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We created an eco-system of tech companies to provide you with popular business services at a discounted price. Plus, you will get Signalmash credits for using one of our approved partners.

Tax Compliance

by Avalara

  • Automate your return preparation and filing
  • Remit taxes to multiple jurisdictions with a single payment
  • Get more accurate rates with geo-location and product classification

Marketing Automation

by Roor

  • Fully automated conversations back and forth with prospects via SMS
  • Generate leads, sales and new customers with SMS, voicemail, phone call and email automation

Number Integrity

  • Manage phone numbers in real-time
  • Help maintain number integrity
  • Build a positive reputation
  • Increase your answer rates by as much as 300%

TCPA Compliance Calling

by CallEvo

  • Make calls faster in the new TCPA-compliant workspace
  • Improve your outreach with a solid outbound communications platform
  • Create workflows based on campaign or client
  • Send polls, coordinate events and send notifications

SMS/MMS Campaign Manager

  • Verified messaging
  • 2-way conversational messaging
  • Promotional and marketing messaging

Security Audit Automation

by Vanta

  • Automate your compliance data to quickly get your SOC2 certificate
  • Complete the SAQ and ROC faster
  • Use policy templates to get your ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA compliant certifications quickly
  • Determine if your company is CCPA compliant to ensure you can do business in California

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Signalmash Marketplace enables you to discover, buy and utilize popular business services at a discount. We've negotiated special deals and conditions with high-end businesses to bring you the best solutions for your every day business needs. Whether you need help with your taxes, want to automate your database marketing, need a way to automate compliance processes or need telecom services, we've got you covered.
Discover Dozens of Services

Quickly get your certificates like the SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR. Vanta can help you automate up to 90% of your work for security audits. 

Government tax requirements are becoming increasingly more difficult and time-consuming. Avalara makes tax filing and remittance easy. 

Let artificial intelligence handle conversations back and forth with your leads and existing customers. Roor automates your processes by sending emails, SMS messages, voicemails and calls that follow human logic and work to nurture leads and customers.

Get help managing phone numbers in real-time so they kept in integrity and are not labeled as spam. Number Verifier can help you build a positive reputation so people pick up their phone when you call them.

Improve your outreach on your outbound communications like phone calls, polls, notifications and more. CallEvo helps accelerate the speed of your outreach and is the top calling platform for political campaigns, telemarketing call centers and nonprofit organizations.

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Simplify your processes and grow your business while getting more done.

The services we provide in our marketplace are here to help you do more. With them, you can automate important business functions, streamline communications and take on tasks you previously didn’t have time for. All while keeping your data secure and your client base happy.

When you sign up for one or more of these services not only do you get a discount for the service(s), you also receive Signalmash credits. Reach out to us today to learn more!