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How It Works

  1. Signup for Jungo SMS. See the Jungo SMS user guide here
  2. Signup for a Signalmash account
  3. Complete KYC
  4. Register your brand
  5. Grab the API keys

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The U.S. telecommunications market is subject to strict regulations. These regulations mandate that we verify the identity of all customers accessing our network. Consequently, all SMS sending platforms, including Signalmash, must implement a KYC process.

To complete the KYC process, we need to understand your intended use of Signalmash and collect some basic business information, such as your website and business registration details.

The 10DLC regulations govern the sending of SMS messages in an “automatic way” through Application-to-Person (A2P) technology.

These rules require that every SMS campaign be registered to ensure compliance and manage spam.

Registration under the 10DLC regulations is essential because unregistered SMS campaigns will not be delivered and will be blocked. This ensures your SMS campaigns comply with industry standards, helps manage spam, and maintains the integrity of SMS services.

The first step in complying with the 10DLC regulations is to register your brand, the entity that will be sending the SMS messages. Following brand registration, each individual SMS campaign must also be registered. This involves detailing the campaign’s purpose, target audience, and expected message volume. There are small monthly costs associated with each campaign’s registration, which contribute to maintaining regulatory standards and service quality.

Signalmash specializes in guiding you through the entire 10DLC registration process, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Our platform is known for offering exceptional support and hands-on assistance, making the process seamless for our users. We pride ourselves on being the best at supporting and guiding our customers through each step, from brand registration to individual campaign registration, ensuring your SMS campaigns are set up for success.

Once your setup on Signalmash is complete, the next step is to acquire a number for sending out SMS messages. You can either purchase a new number through our platform or port over an existing one. After securing your number, proceed to the API section in the left side menu to obtain your API keys. These keys are essential for integrating with Jungo SMS, which will utilize the Signalmash infrastructure to send out your SMS messages. To ensure uninterrupted service, make sure to keep a positive balance in your Signalmash account; this balance will be used to fund the SMS you send.

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